About CloverLeaf Lending

CloverLeaf is a small, powerful team of national commercial loan brokers. We service both real estate investors and business owners. Our goal is to deliver the best possible loan solutions in the fastest time frame possible. Combining over 100 years of commercial lending experience, strong lender relationships, and a relentless work ethic, we work aggressively to match borrowers with the loan and the lender best suited to their needs. 

A little more about us

CloverLeaf offers 3 tiers of lending to fit any borrower’s unique circumstance and needs (see our Real Estate Lending and Business Lending pages for more detail on our tiers of lending).

CloverLeaf navigates the lending market so our clients can focus on their primary business, saving them valuable time and money. As a trusted partner, we’re fully engaged from cradle to closing. All throughout the process—packaging, negotiations, underwriting, and closing— we provide guidance and expertise to help facilitate a successful transaction.

We’re straight shooters who understand that time is one thing none of us can ever get back—and for that reason, we promise to never waste yours. We deliver on our commitments and help alleviate the headaches associated with commercial lending.

CloverLeaf was built on referrals, not advertising. Our clients come to us through our existing clients, bankers, accountants, attorneys, real estate brokers, and other trusted client advisors. The only thing that makes this possible is our consistent delivery of quality service.

Problems We Solve for Our Customers

We have existing relationships with over 800 local and national lenders and deliver you the best possible lending terms. Volume of deal flow, combined with our established relationships with lenders, gives us the ability to negotiate better deals.
Often, borrowers come to us after they’ve been turned down by their regular lender, or even multiple lenders, but just as every borrower is unique, so is every lender. Every lender has its own specific appetite, so it’s never surprising that financeable transactions get turned down when they’re sent to the wrong lender. Because of CloverLeaf’s extensive industry knowledge, we know the right lenders for your specific lending needs, and we don’t waste time on the lenders that aren’t a good fit.
You have a tight deadline to close and don’t have time to waste. Because of CloverLeaf’s long-term lender relationships and market knowledge, we know which lenders can close in the necessary timeframe – and as importantly, which lenders can’t. We’re also well versed in the specific closing procedures for our lenders, which helps anticipate speed bumps and expedites closings . Your time is valuable, so we don’t waste yours on maybes and drawn-out underwriting procedures.
We are lending strategists and out-of-the-box thinkers who thrive on challenging deals and coming up with creative, personalized solutions to every lending scenario. We are relentless about helping our borrowers find the best path to their goals.

Real Estate

CloverLeaf Commercial Lending is the perfect solution for real estate investors who are in need of quick and easy financing.
Real Estate


CloverLeaf Lending offers competitive rates, fast approvals, and exceptional customer service for business loans.


CloverLeaf Lending is here to help your business secure the financing you need to purchase new equipment or refinance existing equipment.
Cloverleaf Commercial Lending is a capital advisory firm that assists business owners, real estate investors and developers with sourcing debt for their companies and projects.

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